Gender-Bent Ms. Male Pacman-Hack

 Vimeo Direktpacman

In Anita Sarkeesians hervorragender Webserie Tropes vs Women gab es vor ein paar Wochen eine Folge über die männlichen Default-Charactere in Games: Ms. Male Pacman und ich dachte mir damals noch so: Dazu sollte jemand mal einen Mod zusammenhacken. Et voilà: Pac-Woman and Mr. Pac-Woman ROM hacks. Großartig!

In her “Ms. Male Character” video, Anita Sarkeesian examines [Default Male Character] tendency as it applies to video games. She points out that while Pac-Man is assumed to be male without any special indicia, Ms. Pac-Man is marked as female with stereotypically feminine features. This Tumblr post illustrates the point by reversing the situation, making Pac-Woman the default and giving Mr. Pac-Woman the gender-specific features.

Inspired by this, as a little project on New Year’s Day, I modified the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man arcade ROMs to create playable versions of Pac-Woman and Mr. Pac-Woman. I can’t make the full ROMs available for legal reasons, but here are patches for your own legally-obtained ROMs (patching instructions included).

Pac-Woman and Mr. Pac-Woman ROM hacks (via Adafruit)