Cosplaying while Trans

Großartiges Tumblr von und für Transgender Cosplayer, der Doktor rechts hat über Cosplay seine Trans-Identität gefunden und veranstaltet heute „panels about crossplay techniques at local anime cons“. The Daily Dot hat mehr Infos dazu:

Cosplaying While Trans (CWT) invites “all trans people, including trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and genderqueer individuals to submit their cosplays from their favorite media,” regardless of the gender of the character they’re playing.

CWT makes visible fans and geeks from every possible aspect of the gender spectrum—but perhaps the most immediately striking thing about CWT isn’t something visual, but rather something lingual. When people are empowered to self-identify their own designation, the descriptions you see cover everything from pangender to “nonbinary and sort of a boy.”

Cosplaying While Trans represents cosplayers across the gender spectrum