1966 Batman-Mask Replica on Etsy

Auf Etsy kann man sich eine detailgetreue Replica von Adam Wests Batman-Maske aus der 1966er Batman-Serie zulegen. Das Williams Studio 2 verkauft dort noch einige weitere Comic-Memorabilia, ein Wonder Woman-Kostüm aus der 70s-Serie mit Lynda Carter etwa. Aber die Batman-Maske schlägt natürlich alles. Das Ding gibt's nur einmal, ist allerdings auch sauteuer. Falls wer 1500$ übrig hat: Haut rein.

This is an accurate replica of the Cowl Adam West wore during the 1966 Batman T.V. show. It is the only available cowl still being made from the original fabric which has been custom dyed to match a color sample from the dye house used on the show. The pattern was created by a professional pattern maker using a original cowl (from the Hardeman collection). The lightweight fiberglass shell was created using a plaster cast taken from an original as a base. Even the eyebrow paint color has been Pantone matched to the original.

Adam West refers to our Cowl as a "work of art" and is a proud owner of one of our replicas.

Replica 66' Batman Cowl (via Bleeding Cool)