Thatchers Hair-Diary released

03.01.2014 Misc Politics #Hair

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In England wurde das „Appointment Diary“ von Margaret Thatcher veröffentlicht, das neben Infos zu ihren Treffen mit Politikern auch alle Details zu ihren Friseur-Terminen enthält. Die Dame ging anscheinend alle drei Tage zum Haarmenschen für ihre ikonische Frisur.

Her hair appointments are simply written as “hair” and usually took place at 8.30am or 9am. They more than likely involved styling using Carmen heated rollers. The brand, popular in the 1980s, was Thatcher’s favourite.

In 1982, she had to borrow a set from an embassy employee during a trip to China, while in 1978, ahead of a visit to Iran, Sir Anthony Parsons, Britain’s ambassador, was distracted from the imminent Islamic revolution by a request from Mrs Thatcher for him to arrange a “good local hairdresser” to call before dinner. “He should bring Carmen rollers,” the note added.

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