Massive Raid in Meth-Village

3000 (!) chinesische Cops haben heute morgen das Kaff Boshe gestürmt, dabei drei Tonnen (!) Meth und nicht weniger als 23 Tonnen an Chemikalien konfisziert. Massive!

The Yangcheng Evening News, a local newspaper, said the raid involved 3,000 police officers who seized three tonnes of methamphetamine in the raid. Photos showed paramilitary officers in camouflage uniforms and holding rifles stood over large boxes filled with large packets of what is presumably crystal meth.

Boshe's villagers have resisted Chinese authorities for years, blockading the village entrance with motorcycles when word of a raid spread. The villagers would brandish replica AK-47s, lay nailboards on the road and hurl stones and homemade grenades at officers, said the paper.

Guardian: China deploys 3,000 police, speedboats and helicopters in village drug raid
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