Spike Jonzes Beastie Boys-Movie that never was

 Youtube Direktsabotage

Spike Jonze hat in einem Interview verraten, dass er mit den Beasties nach dem Dreh ihres legendären Sabotage-Videos an einem Film und einem Drehbuch im selben Stil gearbeitet haben, leider kam das Projekt nie zustande.

"The four of us wrote a script together," Jonze says. "It was called We Can Do This because it had ... it was so surreal and out there and [Adam "MCA" Yauch’s filmmaker alter-ego] Nathanial Hornblower was a character as the director. One of the characters from "Sabotage," Sir Stuart Wallace, was a character. Both played by Yauch and it just would’ve been ridiculous and fun ... There were no 1970s cops in it, but it was definitely in the same spirit." […]

"It was about Hornblower. Mike played a Country star — those songs we wrote for the movie, actually. Adam Horovitz played this kid, Nino Vincenzi, who lived on Roosevelt Island with his dad who was a mechanic, and [he] was a little bit a John Travolta [in] Saturday Night Fever ... He had all these dreams and aspirations, but he was awkward and couldn't dance. So he didn't even have that going for him. But yeah, I forget all the different characters but ... it would have been funny."

Spike Jonze Reveals the Beastie Boys Movie That Never Was