IBM Typewriter-Ball Globe

Jennifer Kennard vom Letterology-Blog hat einen Mini-Globus aus einem Typo-Ball aus einer ollen IBM-Schreibmaschine gekauft. Die Dinger waren Anfang der 60er damals ein erster Schritt in Richtung „mechanisches Desktop-Publishing“.

The type ball was originally engineered for IBM's Selectric Typewriter in the early 1960s, and offered an interchangeable typewriter font which rotated and tilted into position before striking each letter onto the page. […] This sweet little orbital type ball is actually the first of its kind I've come across. If memory serves, the IBM type balls typically came packaged in their own little clear plastic cases, ready for instant installation, so you could switch fonts with ease. I bought this miniature "type planet" from a dealer who knew less than I did about it, but he presumed it was never something IBM actually distributed.

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