Enhance the Faces in the Pupil, Wizard!

Dr. Rob Jenkins von der Uni York hat ein Verfahren vorgestellt, um in HighRez-Bildern erkennbare Gesichter aus den Reflektionen in den Pupillen der fotografierten Menschen zu extrahieren. Dazu haben sie im Experiment zwar eine anständige 39 Megapixel-Kamera verwendet, aber trotzdem: Let's enhance!

The researchers say that in crimes in which the victims are photographed, such as hostage taking or child sex abuse, reflections in the eyes of the photographic subject could help to identify perpetrators. Images of people retrieved from cameras seized as evidence during criminal investigations could be used to piece together networks of associates or to link individuals to particular locations.

By zooming in on high-resolution passport-style photographs, Jenkins and co-researcher Christie Kerr of the School of Psychology, University of Glasgow were able to recover bystander images that could be identified accurately by observers, despite their low resolution. […]

Although Jenkins did the study with a high-resolution (39 megapixels) Hasselblad camera, face images retrieved from eye reflections need not be of high quality in order to be identifiable, he said. “Obtaining optimal viewers — those who are familiar with the faces concerned — may be more important than obtaining optimal images.”

Reflected hidden faces in photographs revealed in pupil