Tabloids/Journalism as Font

Großartiges Typo/Medienprojekt von Jamie Eke: Für Neutrality vs. Sensationalism hat er Storys das Monats April von den Titelseiten der englischen Sun und vom Independent in Lettern gegossen, herauskommen sind zwei Dingbat-Fonts, die Yellow Press und Journalismus repräsentieren, und die hat er dann wieder auf Zeitungsseiten gedruckt. Nice!

This project explores the contrast in nature of news coverage by the British quality press (broadsheets) and the British popular press (tabloids). The typefaces both represent the month of April, 2012 - each character embodies a front page story; A = 1st, B = 2nd etc. - however one corresponds to The Independent and the other to The Sun. The illustrations serve to demonstrate the contrast in priorities, including the much higher degree of personalisation evident in tabloids - containing many reports of individuals' (usually celebrities) circumstances and ordeals - as opposed to accounts of extended processes found in broadsheets.

Neutrality vs. Sensationalism (via Newspaperclub)