Lionel Richie-Lyrics stitched on abandoned Furniture

Großartig! Kostümdesignerin Molly Evans latscht durch ihre Nachbarschaft in Milwaukee und stickt Lionel Richie-Lyrics auf vergammelnden Sperrmüll und auf der Straße weggeschmissene Möbel.

During the Summer of 2013 I set out on a mission to entertain my (somewhat grumpy) neighbor with an outdoor embroidery project on their discarded sofa that would make the seemingly unlovable couch more lovable. Weeks had gone by without a single bite; no one wanted that sad brown three-seater.

I gave it a voice.
More specifically, I gave it Lionel Richie's lovable voice, and the rest is history.

Lionel Stitchie (via Dangerous Minds)