Canada protects Santa Claus from Russian Troops

12.12.2013 Misc Politics #Xmas

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Kanada hat Besitzansprüche an den Nordpol angemeldet und argumentiert das unter anderem mit der Postanschrift des Weihnachtsmanns. Tom schreibt mir: „Kanada hat einen Antrag bei der UN gestellt, weil die den Nordpol haben wollen und argumentieren, dass die Briefe an den Weihnachtsmann eine kanadische Postleitzahl haben und sie den Weihnachtsmann beschützen müssen.“ Yep.

Canada has vowed to defend the North Pole and Santa Claus, insisting the mythical figure is a citizen, after Russia ordered its military to step up its Arctic presence. […] "We are defending the north further by making a claim on the North Pole," he said. "We know that the (opposition) Liberals do not think that the North Pole or Santa Claus are in Canada. We do. We are going to make sure that we protect them as best we can." Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau agreed, saying: "Everyone knows that Santa Claus is Canadian.

"His postal code is H0H 0H0," he said, alluding to a mailing address assigned to Santa by Canada Post. The postal service responds each year to tens of thousands of children's letters from around the world addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada.

Canada vows to protect Santa Claus from Russian troops in the Arctic