Telemarketing-Robot denies, she's a Robot

Bei Michael Scherer vom Time Magazine hat ein ziemlich überzeugender Telemarketing-Robot namens Samantha angerufen, der mit einer freundlichen Frauenstimme fröhlich lachend immerzu abstreitet, ein Roboter zu sein. Ist sowas wie die Audio-Version vom Uncanny Valley:

When Scherer asked point blank if she was a real person, or a computer-operated robot voice, she replied enthusiastically that she was real, with a charming laugh. But then she failed several other tests. When asked “What vegetable is found in tomato soup?” she said she did not understand the question. When asked multiple times what day of the week it was yesterday, she complained repeatedly of a bad connection.

Over the course of the next hour, several TIME reporters called her back, working to uncover the mystery of her bona fides. Her name, she said, was Samantha West, and she was definitely a robot, given the pitch perfect repetition of her answers.

Samantha West, The Telemarketer Robot Who Swears She's Not a Robot (via Leo)