Revolution Socks

Großartige Socken als Dings einer Kickstarter-Kampagne für ein Game über die iranische Revolution von 1979, Revolutionssocken FTW! Das Game sieht leider nur eher so mittelokay aus, aber das Thema an sich hat eine Menge Potential und ich bin sehr gespannt, wann es neues zum Riotgame geben wird. (via New Aesthetics)

The gaming veteran that helped create the cinematic look and feel for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, San Andreas, Max Payne I & II, Midnight Club Franchise, Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, The Warriors, Alan Wake, and Homefront is now breaking new ground in gaming with the suspenseful action/adventure thriller 1979 Revolution.

Join the Revolution! Survive the uprising and betrayal. Based on actual events, 1979 Revolution delivers a deep narrative experience set in the gritty, tense underworld of revolution.

Starting its own revolution, 1979 Revolution pushes the boundaries of premium gaming. Offering mature narrative, with new media storytelling (historical assets, documentary content, graphic novel cinematics) and both suspenseful and engaging gameplay. All the while, natively designed for the touchscreen, 1979 allows wider audiences accessibility to the experience.

1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday