Nelson Mandela Memorial Service

In knapp zwei Stunden beginnt die Trauerfeier für Nelson Mandela im FNB Stadion in Johannesburg, sprechen werden dort neben der Familie auch Obama, Li Yuanchao (Chinas Vize) und Raúl Castro, Bruder von Fidel, das komplette Programm gibt's hier.

Liveblogs beim Guardian und Al Jazeera, auf Twitter unter #MandelaMemorial, Livestreams der Trauerfeier im Netz unter anderem auf Youtube vom der South African Broadcasting Corporation (war bei mir zunächst gesperrt, Proxtube hat das aber gefixt), bei der BBC inklusive Liveblog, hier bei der Washington Post, ab 10 Uhr in der ARD (Livestream). Falls wer andere Streams hat, gerne in die Kommentare damit.

Vom Guardian Liveblog:

Solomon Mukwevho, 35, a driver, has been up since 3am. "That guy was a great guy," he said. "He fought for everyone in the world. This day is more than anything or anyone in my life." Recalling when he heard the news of Mandela's death, Mukwevho added: "My heart broke. I don't know how to put it. At work it was hard to cope."

Ryan de Miranda, 25, an accountant from the wealthy suburb of Sandton, rose at 3.30am. "Mandela is such a great man and you look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will be watched by most of the world's population and I can be one of the 90,000 people here. I remember Princess Diana's funeral but I think this is i bigger. It's the end of an era."

The country had been expecting Mandela's death for some time, he added. "There was still an initial shock. But instead of mourning the man we're celebrating his life's work. That's what's unbelievable. We're not here to mourn him, we're here to celebrate him.

"I started primary school in 1995 so I'm one of the first to go to school not under apartheid."

[update] This just totally broke my heart:

[update] Vom Guardian: „'Mandela has the last laugh, pulling all these politicians together who probably don't like each other', Britain deputy prime Nick Clegg is quoted as saying.“