Doom for Sysadmins

Vor vierzehn Jahren entwickelte Dennis Chao einen Doom-Remix für Sysadmins, in dem Monster Systemprozesse visualisieren und die man so im Ego-Shooter abschießen kann. Awesome!

I am proposing a new mapping for managing system loads. As mentioned above, people frequently talk about "blowing processes away", and the Unix command to destroy a process is "kill". This suggests a metaphor for process management. Each process can be a monster, and the machines can be represented by a series of rooms.

Id Software has generously released the source for Doom, which has been ported to Linux. I downloaded one of the many versions and added a few lines of code that would spawn a new soldier for each process, renice the process when it is wounded, and kill the process when it dies.

Doom as a tool for system administration (via Hacker News)