░▒▓█ Normal Future ▌▌▌

 Vimeo Direktfuture, via Beta Knowledge

Großartiger Trailer (Vorsicht, Flackerwarnung!) zum Designschnickschnackbuch von Normal Future mit deren Typo-Experimenten inklusive Comic und „Reality Dimisher“, zu kaufen gibt's das Teil hier. Low Poly Motion-Batman-Mask FTW! Ich liebe diesen Scheiß.

Your friend Pr1nt/3ll3n can't stop 3d-printing copies of herself. Invitations to ever weirder events keep flying at your face, and your eyes feel funny ever since you've managed to stick a smartphone in them. All for only 239 495 004 likes. Smile, you're in a normal future.

The N O R M A L S book series offers a trip right at the core of a future city. But make no mistake, this is no place for robot armies and flying cars. Rather, it is a vibrant and imperfect scene where today's emerging technologies and social rituals are experimented with, confronted, or even prototyped, at their maxed-out stages.
All of these experiments are documented here in essays, short-stories, speculative designs, and a graphic novel.

This limited hand-numbered box set edition comes with:
• The 3 first issues of N O R M A L S
• 240 pages of future shock!
• A superhero-free graphic novel!
• Essays and design prototypes
• Short fictions
• One reality diminisher!
• 20% off final retail price
• And a song!

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