How the CIA ratted on Nelson Mandela

Wer hat Nelson Mandela im Sommer 1962 an die Rassisten der weißen Minderheitsregierung in Südafrika verraten? Natürlich: Die CIA. In diesem Zusammenhang sollte man auch den Tweet von Glen Greenwald von letzter Nacht lesen: „Nelson Mandela: a noble reminder that those declared "criminals" by an unjust society are often the most just.“

According to a 1990 Johannesburg Sunday Times newspaper account, a CIA agent by the name of Millard Shirley fingered Mandela for the apartheid regime’s secret police, allowing them to throw up a roadblock and capture him.

“Shirley had a high-ranking ‘deep throat,’ a Durban-based Indian, within South African Communist party ranks,” Gerard Ludi, a retired senior South African intelligence agent told the paper. “I can only guess that Shirley was instructed by his government to supply the information to the South Africans because it was in America’s interest to have Mr. Mandela out of the way.”

The Day Mandela Was Arrested, With A Little Help From the CIA