Removing DRM boosts Music Sales

Laurina Zhang hat sich die Verkaufszahlen für 5864 Alben von über 600 Künstlern angesehen, bevor und nachdem die Labels das DRM entfernen ließen. Selbstverständlich hat die Entfernung des DRM die Verkäufe angekurbelt.

This is the first real-world experiment of its kind, and Zhang’s findings show that sales actually increased after the labels decided to remove DRM restrictions. “I find that the removal of DRM increases digital sales by 10%,” Zhang notes. This effect holds up after controlling for factors such as album release dates, music genre and regular sales variations over time.

Interestingly, not all albums are affected equally by the decision to remove DRM. Older albums selling less than 25,000 copies see their sales increase by 41% and overall lower-selling albums get a 30% sales boost. The top selling work, on the other hand, doesn’t benefit from less restrictions. […]

According to Zhang, the 30% sales increase for lower-selling albums can be explained by the fact that DRM-free music makes it easier for consumers to share files and discover new music. The finding that removing DRM from top-selling albums has no effect on sales makes sense in this regard, since the discovery element is less important for well promoted musicians.

What Piracy? Removing DRM Boosts Music Sales by 10 Percent