Big Data at Work

Sehr interessanter Einblick in den Einsatz von Big Data am Arbeitsplatz und Datenanalyse in der Personalabteilung. Mich als alten Gewerkschaftler, dem schon die Stechuhr im ersten Aushilfsjob gegen den Strich ging, gruselt's ja vor allem bei diesem Absatz hier und mir fällt da als erstes Charlie Chaplins Modern Times zu ein.

Bloomberg reportedly logs every keystroke of every employee, along with their comings and goings in the office. The Las Vegas casino Harrah’s tracks the smiles of the card dealers and waitstaff on the floor (its analytics team has quantified the impact of smiling on customer satisfaction). E‑mail, of course, presents an especially rich vein to be mined for insights about our productivity, our treatment of co-workers, our willingness to collaborate or lend a hand, our patterns of written language, and what those patterns reveal about our intelligence, social skills, and behavior.

They're Watching You at Work – What happens when Big Data meets human resources?