Augmented Reality-Shortfilms by Keiichi Matsuda

Vor drei Jahren bloggte ich über Keiichi Matsudas Augmented Hyperreality-Kurzfilme, in denen er schick und auch ein bisschen gruselig Sachen wie Social Graph, Werbung, Augmented Reality und Schnickschnack völlig überhöht und als über-gebrandete 3D-Objekte als im echten Leben darstellt.

Jetzt will er aus diesem Konzept eine Kurzfilm-Serie machen und schreibt mir: „I am now working on a new project that I thought you might be interested in. It's a futuristic new short film series set in Colombia, that will use design and fiction to ask questions about emerging technologies. The film will be funded through kickstarter, and I am planning to launch the campaign this week.“

The stories are about the realities we invent for ourselves. Each short will focus on a different character, and their perception of the city. Amongst the millions of overlapping fictions that make up augmented Medellin, we will follow:

- Marly, a local celebrity and fashion icon living through social media, who is about to face a very public betrayal.
- In the Barrios we meet Emilio, a game-addicted labourer, breaking through the sea of profiles and statistics to find love in an unexpected place.
- During the final preparations for Medellin’s famous Festival of Light, we will follow Juliana, a beleaguered corporate creative, who turns to God after a near death experience.
- And more!

Hyper-Reality: A New Vision of the Future

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