Tongue Biometrics

Ein paar Leute vom Biometric Research Centre an der Fachhhochschule Hong Kong haben ein Patent für ein biometrisches Messverfahren an der Zunge erhalten. Das Verfahren ist nicht wirklich neu, das Patent aber schon und die Details aus dem Wisch lesen sich ganz großartig:

The tongue is a unique organ in that it can be stuck out of mouth for inspection, and yet it is otherwise well protected in the mouth and is difficult to forge. The tongue also presents both geometric shape information and physiological texture information which are potentially useful in identity verification applications. Furthermore, the act of physically reaching or thrusting out is a convincing proof for the liveness. Despite these obvious advantages for biometrics, little work has hitherto been done on this topic. […]

The patent provides further details on the built-in liveness aspect, which the authors call ‘squirm’.

An involuntary squirm of the tongue to detect whether the person is alive may be determined by capturing the images from a front view of the tongue protruding from the mouth and naturally spread.

Tongue ID