Giant public Dinosaur-Toilet found

In Argentinien haben sie eine riesige öffentliche Toilette der Dinosaurier gefunden. Das Dino-Klo ist 240 Millionen Jahre alt, 900m2 groß und mit 94 Kackhaufen pro Quadratmeter beschissen. Die Scheißer waren vor allem Dinodontosaurus' und die Latrine stammt aus dem Trias, der Zeit, in der die ersten Dinosaurier auftauchten. Holy Crap!

A gigantic "communal latrine" created at the dawn of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in Argentina. Thousands of fossilised poos left by rhino-like megaherbivores were found clustered together, scientists say. The 240-million-year-old site is the "world's oldest public toilet" and the first evidence that ancient reptiles shared collective dumping grounds. […]

Fossil "coprolites" as wide as 40cm and weighing several kilograms were found in seven massive patches across the Chanares Formation in La Rioja province. Some were sausage-like, others pristine ovals, in colours ranging from whitish grey to dark brown-violet. […] The perpetrator was Dinodontosaurus, an eight-foot-long megaherbivore similar to modern rhinos. These animals were dicynodonts - large, mammal-like reptiles common in the Triassic period when the first dinosaurs began to emerge. […]

A density of 94 poos per square metre was recorded by the researchers. And the excrement was spread across patches 900 square metres in size.

Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed