High-End Bitcoin-Farm in Hong Kong

Pff, wer braucht schon Regale voller Grafikkarten um ein paar Bitcoins abzubauen, heutzutage baut man Rechenzentren in denen die Boards in Electronic Liquid schwimmen mit einem elaborierten Kühlsystem auf dem Dach.

Entrepreneur and journalist Xiaogang Cao posted pictures of a new HK-based mining operation being set up in an Kwai Chung industrial building. […] HK’s new bitcoin farm involves one meter high transparent glass tanks, copper piping, cooling machines and computer boards soaked in bubbling 3M cooling liquid. LED lights flash constantly, though the facility is cool, safe and quiet.

Construction began in August, 2013. A crane was used to install cooling systems onto the roof . The cooling technique is one of the world’s most advanced, maintaining temperatures of below 37 degrees. In a race against time, bitcoin mining began in October. And with an eye on the future, there is extra capacity built into the site… The company behind the operation is Asicminer, who own multiple mining facilities. Cao said the facility was ‘quieter than a library’

Inside a Bitcoin Mining Operation in Hong Kong (via Kotaku)