Bitcoin Treasurehunt in a giant Pile of Crap

27.11.2013 Misc #Bitcoins

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In Newport, South Wales, hat wohl jemand eine Festplatte mit 7500 Bitcoins weggeschmissen. Die liegt jetzt auf einer Halde vergraben unter tonnenweise Müll und ist (derzeit) 6 Millionen Dollar wert. Oder wie's Redditor sue-dough-nim ausdrückt: „Happy Hunting“. (via New Aesthetic)

Just had someone in the IRC channel today who mined... 7500BTC.... and then threw the hard drive away. We encouraged him to take a trip to the landfill and see if he could find it, maybe hire someone(s) to help him. He said he's going to make a few calls. I felt so bad for him. That's $6 million and counting.

edit: He popped back into IRC this morning. He went to the "recycling centre" and they showed him around. The hard drive, if it was there, would be buried under around 4 feet of mud and waste, in an area the size of a soccer field. The cost of closing the centre, hiring diggers, and searching for it would be too high, and then the chances of finding it are still not excellent. He's based in Newport, in South Wales, United Kingdom.

edit2: Also the hard drive was thrown away with the Dell caddy still attached. It came from a 2006 Dell XPS M1710 laptop. […]

So for anyone interested or with resources and manpower to search there is a laptop hdd with 7500 bit coin buried under 3/4 ft of mud/waste located at [the coordinates] 51° 33.858', -2° 59.863' .... happy hunting :)