Beat Box: A Book about Drum Machines

Ich weiß nicht, ob ich mir das Teil hier zulegen werde, aber ich kenne eine Reihe von Leuten, für die wäre das hier das ideale Weihnachtsgeschenk:

This collection of drum machines started nearly three decades ago in 1986 with a TR-808. Mansfield was a young hip-hop producer at the time who went on to produced for Ed O.G. ("I Got To Have It" and "Be A Father To Your Child") and later founded Traffic Entertainment and Get On Down. His obsession with drum machines continued all these years, and with this book it has finally spilled out of his home and climate-controlled storage space into the world at large.

At the core of the book are some gorgeous photos of the drum machines. Along with the pictures: background and facts about each machine gathered by Mansfield; archival advertisements; interviews with master drum machine programmers and innovators including Davy DMX, Schoolly-D, Marshall Jefferson and Roger Linn. The range of drum machines covered spans several decades, from the 1950s to the late 1980s.


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