Crypto-glitched Files for 3D-Printing copyrighted Models

 Vimeo Direktmickey, via New Aesthetics

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez macht Kunst mit 3D-Druckern, hatte den Mann mit geglitchten Skulpturen schon öfter hier. Jetzt hat er aus seiner Glitch-Software ein Krypto-Tool gebaut, mit dem man STL-Files (Standard für 3D-Drucker) per Key (ähnlich dem PGP-Key) glitchen kann, um so urheber- oder patentrechtlich geschützte Formen unerkannt auf Sharing-Plattformen teilen zu können. Nice!

Disarming Corruptor is a tool for making reversible damage to your STL mesh file. This means you can obliterate it into something totally unrecognisable, share it online under its new guise, and selectively distribute the key code to recipients so they can reverse the damage and retrieve the original object.

In a time of prolific online espionage, crackdowns on file-sharing, and a growing concern for the 3D printing of illegal items and copyright protected artefacts, DC is a free software application that helps people to circumvent these issues. Inspired by encryption rotor machines such as the infamous Enigma Machine, the application runs an algorithm that is used to both corrupt STL files into a visually-illegible state by glitching and rotating the 3D mesh, and to allow a recipient to reverse the effect to restore it back to its original form. The file recipient would need both the application and the unique seven digit settings used by the sender, entering the incorrect settings would only damage the file further.

Disarming Corruptor

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