Ian Curtis' Kitchen-Table on Ebay

Auf Ebay kann man grade Ian Curtis' Tisch aus der Küche ersteigern, in der er sich im Mai 1980 erhängte und damit einer der besten Bands der Welt ein Ende setzte. Ich würde das Ding ja nicht haben wollen, wäre mir ein viel zu makabres Möbelstück. Der Gewinner der Auktion sollte das Teil pink anmalen und im Sommer auf eine grüne Wiese voller Blumen stellen und da dann Joy Division-Picknicks veranstalten, wo Kinder dann auf dem Tisch zu Love will tear us apart tanzen.

May the 18th 1980 Ian Curtis the singer of Joy Division took his own life in the Kitchen of the house he lived in with his wife Debbie at 77 Barton Street. Debbie Curtis then sold the house and many of its contents to a neighbour Dorothy Smith who then ran it as a B and B. In 1996 the table was passed to Dorothy's Daughter Vicky Morgan when she got married and set up home in Macclesfield.

In December 2005 the Morgan's were redecorating and felt that the table no longer fitted in with their own home. They offered the table back to the family and contacted them via Marco of Joy Division Central. With the filming of Control taking place in Barton Street and Natalie Curtis arranging the props the table was offered but was declined.

Natalie Curtis, Ian and Debbie's daughter was then going to take the table for her own flat but in the end decided to have one of her mums instead which belonged to her Grandmother. At that point it went on Ebay and I travelled to Macclesfield after winning the bid. Control then went on general release and the Legend grew.

Included with the Table are confirmation of authenticity from Natalie Curtis, Debbie Curtis, Marco from Joy Division Central and Vicky Morgan. Also there is a four page print from a web site with pics taken inside 77 Barton Street when it was a B and B and a picture of Dorothy Smith.

Ian Curtis the Singer of Joy Division a Unique Personal Item - His Kitchen Table (via Stereogum)