Sex on Synaeshetcia

Tolle und extrem interessante Studie über die Erfahrungen von Synästheten während Boomschakalaka. Synästhesie ist die neurologische Koppelung zweier Sinneswahrnehmungen, also Farben riechen oder Töne sehen und sowas. Laut der Studie hat sich schon früher gezeigt, dass sexuelle Stimulation Auslöser von synästhetischen Erfahrungen bei Nicht-Synästheten sein kann und darüber hinaus haben Synästheten einen höheren sexuellen Appetit, sind allerdings auch etwas frustrierter, da die Partner nicht dieselben bewusstseinserweiternden Erfahrungen machen.

Based on the various indications that synaesthesia and sexual trance seem to share certain phenomenological characteristics, we hypothesized an increased degree of sexual trance and sexual satisfaction in synaesthetes. Indeed, synaesthetes depicted significantly higher levels of “oceanic boundlessness” and “visionary restructuralization” reflecting sexual trance and visual synaesthesia during sexual intercourse. However, contrary to our hypotheses, synaesthetes were less satisfied with their sexuality, possibly due to a lack of partner involvement regarding synaesthetic perceptions. […]

The present investigation reveals novel aspects of [altered States of Consciousness] in synaesthetes; synaesthetic experiences during sexual arousal seem to be accompanied by a higher degree of sexual trance consisting of an experienced loss of environmental boundaries and varying visual perceptions. This increment in trance possibly leads to accelerated introversion and a shift in attentional resources focusing exclusively on inner perceptions.

Synaesthesia and sexuality: the influence of synaesthetic perceptions on sexual experience (via Boing Boing)