Bitcoin Mining in a Swiss Nuclear Bunker

This is insane!

Richard Porubcan, a Swiss entrepreneur working under a pseudonym, has started turning several of the old shelters into what he describes as apocalypse-proof Bitcoin bunkers designed to allow super-secure mining, trade or storage of digital cash. He wants the facilities to serve as vital nodes in a “decentralized and neutral” shadow financial system.

Von der Website zum Bitcoin-Bunker:

The Concept is to run without third party providers. With exeption of the Internet backbones the whole infrastructure is controled by a internal Security Team.

- Military grade redundant electricity source
- Military grade redundant secured Data transfer
- 24/7 human support.
- Three Door System, Gate , Massive Vault Doors
- Air conditioning system
- Sealed
- Radiation- and EMP-protection
- Videosecurity , Alarm System
- Accesscontrol
- Interruption-free power supply
- Emergency power supply

The computation center is able to run up to 4 weeks independent.
0,59 CHF/kWh.

This Swiss Cryptocurrency Trader Will Store Your Bitcoin In A Nuclear Bunker (via Daily Dot)