North Koreas Tablet reviewed (Spoiler: It's good.)

Rüdiger Frank von der Uni Wien hat sich ein Tablet in Nordkorea gekauft und ein detailiertes Review als PDF gepostet und kommt zu dem Schluss, dass das Teil – gemessen an den Photoshop- und Rocket-Science-Skills – erstaunlich gut ist.

A few months ago the ever-growing community of those interested in the DPRK learned that there is now something like a local version of the iPad—the Samjiyon tablet computer (p’anhyŏng k’omp’yut’ŏ samjiyŏn). After having had a chance to test it briefly during a visit in May 2013, I could not resist buying a Samjiyon in a shop in Pyongyang in September 2013. It cost me 180 Euros. After a few days of intensive use I can say that this is one of the few cases in my career as a consumer when I got more for my money than I had expected.

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