We Are Going To Eat You: Book about Cannibal Movies

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Stephen R. Bissette (Zeichner von Alan Moores Swamp Thing-Comics) hat sein 2003er Buch We Are Going To Eat You! über Kannibalen-Filme neu aufgelegt, heute zu Halloween gibt's die Teile etwas billiger und ich hätte mir die 25-Dollar-Variante grade bestellt, wenn die mir 42 Dollar Versandkosten nicht völlig den Arsch offen hätten. Das Teil ist für mich ein absolutes Must Have und da werde ich mir 'was einfallen lassen müssen. (42 Dollar? SRSLY?!)

It’s back, for a limited time only this fall: the classic cannibal movie book WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! by Stephen R. Bissette!

Specs: Clear acetate protective covers over canary-yellow card stock cover art front and back, blue Fastbak binding, 336 pages (!!), over 75 of which feature rare illustrations from the SpiderBaby Archives; measures 8 1/2′ x 11″ x almost 1″ binding.

This is a slightly revised (to update my address/online info only) recreation of the uber-rare 2003 limited ms. bound photocopy edition of the original dot-matrix printed manscript—it’s an artifact, folks, dressed up a bit, but complete and unexpurgated, the original full text the late, great Chas Balun edited down considerably for my chapter of THE DEEP RED HORROR HANDBOOK.

Limited WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! 2013 Reprint Signed ‘Bare Bones’ Edition (via The Beat)

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