NSA-Keyword Haiku-Generator

Großartig! Ein Generator für Haikus aus NSA-Keywords von Grayson Earle.

This web app uses the NSA's database of terms (read more about that here) which can land you as a suspected terrorist if you use them in electronic communication. Rather than being all 'doom and gloom,' I decided to make a game out of it. I've assigned each phrase a syllable count which enables you to create random haikus out of hundreds of words

Hier ein paar meiner Robo-Gedichte auf Keyword-Basis. Hallo, NSA!

Delta Delta Force
Breach Blacknet Lockdown veggie
Mexico sneakers

Mexico Uzi
Counterterrorism Grid
force Closure ReMOB

Malware bullion Leak
supercomputer Brush fire toad
WHO Jasmine

NSA Haiku (via Dailydot)