WiFi-Router is a Planter

Ein Blumentopf mit integriertem Router, sehr schick. Wäre das Teil nicht viel zu teuer, würde ich mir glatt so'n Ding bestellen: „The Cybernetic Meadow Collection is a set of handmade objects that seek to reorient your relationship to consumer electronics in your home.“

WIFI router in concrete planter enclosure.
- Shallow planter dish is perfect for succulents, mosses, or small ferns (not included).
- Easily remove planter for watering and replace after draining.
- Solid oak base provides access to all original ports on router.
- Includes a functioning TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 router (compatible with OpenWRT and other firmwares)

Cybernetic Meadow (via The New Aesthetics)