Britney Spears' Songs used as Sonic Weapon vs Pirates

Ich finde dafür nur Boulevard-Quellen hierzu, dürfte also mindestens zur Hälfte Bullshit sein. Immerhin: Lustiger Bullshit und die andere Hälfte mit den Long Range Acoustic Device aka Sonic Weapons dürfte stimmen.

"Chart-toppers Baby One More Time and Oops! I Did It Again are the most effective in the war against the Kalashnikov carrying bandits," reports the British Daily Mirror tabloid. "Her songs have been chosen by the security team accompanying our tankers because they thought the pirates would hate them most," Second Officer Rachel Owens told the paper.

[…] While Britney Spears might be the music that irritates Somali pirates most, Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) defense systems have been in use for a while. LRADs blast walls of sound which bring people to their knees, and have been used to quell riots and deter pirates in the past. […] Essentially anything played that loud would be unbearable. And Britney Spears is just the weapon of choice.

Apparently, Britney Spears's Music Can Save You from Somali Pirates (Bild via Shutterstock)