Links: Rollerskate Labels, Mumblegore, Marxist Dwarf Fortress and How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House

27.10.2013 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier die drei Millionen Links, die seit zwei Wochen in meinem Delicious rumliegen, unter anderem mit dem wundervollen Comic Our Toyota was Fantastic aus animierten GIFs, einem Besuch in den Design Studios von Hot Wheels, ein Interview mit Sergio Aragones, einem schönen Feature über die neue Generation der Horror-Regisseure, Lee Hardcastles „epic sequel to 'T is For Toilet [ABCs of Death]'“, Googles mathematischer Sprach-Ansatz, den ganz großartigen Kurzfilm Orgesticulanismus von Mathieu Labaye (nicht vom französischen Arthouse-Intro abschrecken lassen, wird noch extrem super!), DJ-Sets von Laurent Garnier, Kid Paul und Daedelus, jeder Menge Podcasts und drölftausend Sachen mehr nach dem Klick:


Photoshop Content Aware Fill in Video:
 Vimeo Direktcontentfill

Wood type - a set on Flickr

Rollerskate Labels

▶ Meet Adobe Illustrator (1987) - YouTube: This video shipped on VHS with the very first version of Adobe Illustrator. Adobe CEO & Illustrator developer John Warnock demonstrated the new product in a single one-hour take.

Indian Matchboxes : Matt Lee: Walking around Bangalore city where I live, one comes across matchboxes everywhere. Cheap and disposable, they litter the highways and footpaths, often to be found scattered around any roadside chai stall or cigarette kiosk.

Cool Hunting Video: Hot Wheels Design Studio on Vimeo: A recent voyage to El Segundo, California, brought us to the doors of the Mattel headquarters. Inside, we were given the chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at the Hot Wheels design studio, and spent some time with the head of design. We learned all about the brand's design ethos, new products and the never-ending joys of being a toy designer. Also on show was the brand's latest Car Maker product, which gives you the chance to mold custom Hot Wheels at home.


The Bouletcorp: Our Toyota was Fantastic.

Sergio Aragones and the Art of Pantomime Cartooning | The Comics Journal: Sergio Aragones draws funny pictures. The same might be said for any cartoonist who cultivates the public's risibilities. In fact, in the popular mind, "drawing funny pictures" is the job description for all cartoonists. But in Aragones' case, the description is not only apt: it is literally true. He is that rara avis who specializes in wordless visual comedy–the pantomime cartoon. His pictures–by themselves, without verbal accompaniment–provoke the laughter.

How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House (1), How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House (2): How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House by Philip "Dr. Evil" Morris and Dennis Phillips is an awesome book published in the mid 80's by Image Inc. Over 120 pages of incredibly helpful, detailed advice on how to make your spooktacular attraction really scare the heck out of people through a bevy of great step by step illustrations and photos.

Panel Borders: 100 issues of The Walking Dead: Starting a month of shows on horror and fantasy comics, Alex Fitch talks to artist Charlie Adlard about drawing 100 issues of The Walking Dead. Alex and Charlie discuss the various storylines the artist has rendered since 2004, coming up with new character designs for humans and zombies alike, how the TV show compliments and diverges from the original comic, and drawing variant covers for the title to help support his local comic book shop. Recorded in front of a live audience at Infinity and Beyond Comics, Shrewsbury, Autumn 2013. Originally broadcast 7th October 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM


Mumblegore Directors Are Changing Indie Horror Films | LA Weekly: And so a generation of writers, directors, actors and producers – all in their early to mid 30s, all based in Los Angeles – found each other and together found their voice by making horror films. While a parallel class of young filmmakers on the East Coast found critical acclaim directing micro-budget mumblecore dramas, L.A.'s indie crew is carving a riskier path to lasting success with micro-budget cerebral chillers that eschew cheap kills and studio interference. Call it mumblegore.

2001italia: 2001: The aliens that almost were: In a film like 2001, a project that started with the explicit purpose of investigating the possibility of extraterrestrial life, it comes as no surprise that Kubrick decided very soon in the production to tackle the problem of how to actually depict the extraterrestrials themselves.

"How Animated Cartoons are Made" (1919) | Cartoon Research

▶ Vice Meets Superstar Communist Slavoj Zizek - YouTube: We travel to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to meet superstar Communist philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek. The "most dangerous philosopher in the West" talks about his new film, The Pervert's Guide to Ideology, and lectures us on the importance of being on time. If you're curious about that poster of Stalin on his wall, it's "purely to annoy idiots" when they visit.

Stephen King Movies Guide - Stephen King Movies and Shows A to Z - Esquire:


Dwarf Fortress: A Marxist Analysis | Notes & Commentaries: the game Dwarf Fortress is amenable to a Marxist analysis precisely by understanding its relationship to the central characteristics of the feudal mode of production.(1) This can be grasped by looking at the main dynamics of the game: the division of labor, the reproduction of dwarven society, the economic system and trade, and their integration.

Masters of their universe: When they began writing their game, eventually to be called Elite, eventually to be a landmark in the history of computer games, what they were thinking of conformed pretty much to the standard video-game formulas of the time, albeit with extra graphical whizz. They wanted exciting space combat in three dimensions against enemy craft that exhibited some degree of tactical guile. Except that, come to think of it, programming the tactics for an organised, military enemy was probably out of reach. They needed disorganised villains. Who fit the bill in the science-fiction universe? Pirates. OK then: 3D combat against space pirates. And they also wanted there to be a bit of the game where you had to dock your spaceship with a space station, á la 2001. They thought Stanley Kubrick's docking sequence was deeply cool, and they wanted one of their own.


 Youtube Direktghost

▶ GHOST BURGER - YouTube: Two kids go hunting for ghosts to help their dad run a burger cafe. An epic sequel to "T is For Toilet [ABCs of Death]", 12 years after the accident.

 Vimeo DirektINC

INCORPORATED - 30 minute corporate thriller on Vimeo: A disturbing tale of obscene salaries, glass towers, vicious business deals, and bringing the whole thing down from the inside.

 Vimeo Direktmotion

Orgesticulanismus - Mathieu Labaye on Vimeo: Great tribute to his father Benoît Labaye, suffered from a multiple sclerosis at 29 years old. Benoît Labaye had been confined to a wheelchair since age 40 and died at 55 years old the 04.22.2006, as a result of a pneumonia.
In the movie, you can hear Benoît Labaye speaking: "I think it's by the movement you appropriate your own life. By the freedom to come and go, to have gestures of love, tenderness, anger, whatever. When you are deprived of movements, as I am and as a lot of other people are, I think if you want to survive, you must reinvent the movement differently. And so what happens inside my head isn't purely brain, purely intellectual. It's a way of recreating an inner space which is also my freedom."

The Decelerators on Vimeo: We've all noticed that time seems to move faster as we grow older – but what if you could build a machine that slowed time to the point of imperceptibility? In Mark Slutsky's gorgeous new film The Decelerators, a group of people manage to do just that – and the result is almost worthy of The Twilight Zone.

SHHH on Vimeo: "Shhh" is a tale about a young boy, who uses his imagination to overcome his monstrous bully at night. Tired of being scared, Guillermo eventually takes matters into his own hands. Inspired by the lucid dreams of director Guillermo del Toro during childhood.

 Youtube Direktperish

▶ Perished (NSFW) - YouTube: Sometimes survival is worse than death... A man on the run finds himself locked in a shed amidst a zombie outbreak. He must rebuild his inner strength to confront his hears or face starvation. Written, directed and produced by Stefan A. Radanovich and Aaron McCann.

▶ Pastiche 2013 Short Film - YouTube: Set in North West London, a young man and aspiring boxer spends his days getting stoned and watching classic movies, until he has the opportunity to live out some of these cinematic fantasies by getting involved with a local drug king pin.

Codename:Simon on Vimeo: Simon is an undercover space agent whose new mission finds him on Earth awaiting pick-up by his parents' spaceship.

Science and Technology

Jellyfish are taking over the seas, and it might be too late to stop them - Quartz: Humans may eventually act to reverse the boom in jellyfish blooms, given the material damage they cause. But as the research of Gershwin, Brotz and other scientists suggests, those efforts may not work. The peculiar biology of jellyfish means that once their numbers surge, the tide may be impossible to turn.

Rising Seas | BURN An Energy Journal: Sea level rise has become the ugly face of climate change. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has listed the 20 most threatened coastal cities in the world – Miami is first, New York is third, and New Orleans is 12th. Our Rising Seas special examines the causes and consequences of sea level changes in south Florida, the Gulf Coast, New York City, and Greenland, where ice-melt is going to make the world a very different place.

Constructing the Sierpinski triangle – the sierpinski triangle page to end most sierpinski triangle pages: Throughout my years playing around with fractals, the Sierpinski triangle has been a consistent staple. The triangle is named after Wacław Sierpiński and as fractals are wont the pattern appears in many places, so there are many different ways of constructing the triangle on a computer.

Skull of Homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray | Science | A haul of fossils found in Georgia suggests that half a dozen species of early human ancestor were actually all Homo erectus

How Google Converted Language Translation Into a Problem of Vector Space Mathematics | MIT Technology Review: he new trick is to represent an entire language using the relationship between its words. The set of all the relationships, the so-called "language space", can be thought of as a set of vectors that each point from one word to another. And in recent years, linguists have discovered that it is possible to handle these vectors mathematically. For example, the operation ‘king' – ‘man' + ‘woman' results in a vector that is similar to ‘queen'. It turns out that different languages share many similarities in this vector space. That means the process of converting one language into another is equivalent to finding the transformation that converts one vector space into the other.

Noam Chomsky on Singularity 1 on 1: The Singularity is Science Fiction!: During our 30 minute conversation with Noam Chomsky we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: the balance between his academic and his political life; artificial intelligence and reverse engineering the human brain; why in his view both Deep Blue and Watson are little more than PR; the slow but substantial progress of our civilization; the technological singularity…

 Youtube Direktarray

▶ Beyond the Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array - YouTube: Created in 2013 as the new interpretive film for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) public Visitor Center, this 24-minute production explores the synergies of technology and human curiosity that power the world's most productive radio telescope. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster (star of the film "Contact," which was based on the novel by Carl Sagan and filmed at the VLA), the program depicts many of the people whose diverse efforts enable the VLA to be a cutting-edge resource for astronomers and humanity worldwide.

You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network: These five primary principles are: 1. Seek Novelty 2. Challenge Yourself 3. Think Creatively 4. Do Things The Hard Way 5. Network


 Youtube Direktdaedelus

▶ Daedelus: An Exclusive 12-Minute Set In Front Of Crazy Visuals [The Controllerist] - YouTube: The first episode of our new visually mind-bending music show The Controllerist features LA beat scene godfather and Monome master Daedelus, who came through and rocked an exclusive DJ set for us, synced to the mind-bending visuals of Beeple. One of Daedelus' most distinct traits (aside from his consistently fly formal wardrobe) is his live performance set up, an arsenal of Monomes. Every grid-based MIDI controller in the world borrows from the Monome, and creating live with it is an art unto itself. Daedelus is the absolute master of this craft.

▶ Laurent Garnier 55 min Boiler Room x Dekmantel mix by BOILER ROOM

Pattern Recognition #2: The Evolving Architecture of the Underground – Electronic Beats: The new music underground is an ongoing debate about the possibilities of music, typically conducted at some remove from big commerce. Ideally, it represents an infinite space of possibilities and developments with a coherent, roaming, collective focus acting upon it, like a democratically organized nomadic tribe made up of artists, scientists, and philosophers constantly wandering the universe with disaffected and infinitely open minds, always learning but never settling or capitalizing. In reality, the new music underground is a messy semi-anarchy of interests that make up the rules as they go along, don't communicate with great efficiency, or move as one.

Robag Wruhme @Dommune on SoundCloud

▶ Atoms For Peace Live @ ACL Music Festival, Austin, USA (2013.10.13) by EBW

▶ HR3 Clubnight 1992-05-02 OMNI - Kid Paul by hannes-in-da-mix:
02. Breakoutàs Vol.2 - The Beat Goes On (Powertraxx Records)
03. Funky Junky - Club Candy (Drop Loads Mix) (Funky Junky Records)
05. The Traveller – Date M (Live Mix) (Wonka Beats)
06. Rusty – Everything's Gonna Change (Sasha's Dub Mix) (Stress Records)
07. The Traveller – Date M (Live Mix) (Wonka Beats)
08. Dj Le Roy Feat.Bocachica – Yo Te Quiero (Salsa Version) (Palmares Records)
10. Expo Bass Sample's - I Need Somebody (Groove Version) (Paradise Project Records)
12. GTO – Elevation (React)
13. Gong Two – Girl (Do You Think I'm Techno) (Line Music)
14. Jennifer Lucas – Take On Higher (ZYX)
15. G7 – Seduced (Soma Quality Recordings)
16. Bee Buzz – Baba Mhmmm (Babadub) (LED Records)
17. The Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Day (MFS)
18. Dave Angel – Sighting (R&S)
19. Sil – Blue Oyester (Rhythm Records)
20. Invisible Men - Where's The Skins (Bonus Beats) (Orbital Records)
21. Ramirez – La Musika Tremenda (Mr. Marvin Remix) (R&S)
22. Terrorize – It's Just A Feeling (Hamster

▶ Essential Mix - "Duck Sauce" (2013-10-12) by MaxMuzik:
1. Duck Sauce – Intro
2. Duck Sauce – Calamari (Demo)
3. Duck Sauce – Radio Stereo
4. Duck Sauce – Vibrations Interlude
5. Duck Sauce – Monica Interlude
6. Duck Sauce – Mondo
7. Duck Sauce – N/A Demo
8. Duck Sauce – It's You [3beat Records]
9. The MD X-Spress – God Made Me Phunky [Defected]
10. Cajmere – Horny [Cajual Records]
11. Cajmere – Brighter Days (Armand Van Helden Edit)
12. Black Legend – You See The Trouble With Me (Armand Van Helden Edit)
13. Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (Armand Van Helden Edit)
14. Par-T-One – I'm So Crazy
15. Armand van Helden – Necessary Evil [Warner Bros]
16. Patrick Alavi – Hell Yeah (Jamie Fanatic Bad Boy Remix)
17. DJ E-Clyps – Party's Still Not Over [Inhouse]
18. Groovebox – Brooklyn [Tiger Records]
19. Sharam Jay & Kolombo – Nonstop [Bunny Tiger]
20. Cupcakes – Captain Obvious
21. Robosonic & Adana Twins – La Fique [2DIY4]
22. Purple Disco Machine – My House [Off Recordings]
23. Blunted Dummies – House For All (John Aquaviva Origin


Wo das Internet lebt - Eine Reise zu den physischen Orten des Web - 19.10.2013 (MP3): Wir sind ständig drin: Im Netz. Aber wo genau ist das? Unser Reporter Moritz Metz hat sich auf die Reise gemacht zu den physischen Orten des Web. Und zu Menschen, die es prägen.

PODCAST Generator Cyborgs - 20.10.2013 (MP3): Wir kennen sie aus Film und Fernsehen: Cyborgs wie Darth Vader, Inspector Gadget oder "Die Borg". Sie alle sind Mensch-Maschinen. Was viele aber nicht wissen: Cyborgs leben längst unter uns - und zwar ganz real.

Podcast: Erzeugen Smartphones und Co. eine erweiterte Realität? (MP3): Das Wissen der Welt ist nur einen Mausklick entfernt - diesen Satz hört man oft, wenn es um die stetig vernetzte Informationsgesellschaft geht. Durch Smartphones, Smartwatches und Datenbrillen verwischen die Grenzen zwischen der virtuellen und der physischen Welt endgültig.

▶ FluxFM Spreeblick: Stephan Urbach by FluxFM: Vom Lehramtsstudenten zum Bankkaufmann zum Netzaktivisten - er weiß, wie man kommuniziert, wenn das Internet abgeschaltet ist. Stephan Urbach - heute zu Gast bei Johnny Haeusler und FluxFM Spreeblick.

HR2 Wissenswert: Georg Büchner, der Naturforscher. (MP3): Georg Büchner, der Naturforscher: seine weitgehend unbekannte Seite.

Pasted! Wir sind die Zukunft der Musik - Soundstories - Sendungen - 1LIVE: Die Digitalisierung hat Musik verflüssigt: Auch für Laien ist es heute möglich, Remixes ihrer Lieblingsmusiken zu erstellen und über das Internet ein potentielles Millionenpublikum zu erreichen. Die Teilhabe an der Kulturproduktion war nie einfacher als heute, aber auch die Gefahr, mit dem Urheberrecht in Konflikt zu geraten. Was bedeuten die Veränderungen für die Musik: Wird die Zukunft eine Trivialisierung der Kultur mit sich bringen oder entsteht eine neue kreative ökonomie, die die alten Strukturen der Musikindustrie überwindet? Anhand von Texten der Blogger "Der Musikpartisane" und "Mashpussy" nimmt das Feature die Kontroverse um Mashups und Remixes unter die Lupe.


A Short History of the Highrise: "A Short History of the Highrise" is an interactive documentary that explores the 2,500-year global history of vertical living and issues of social equality in an increasingly urbanized world. The centerpiece of the project is four short films. The first three ("Mud," "Concrete" and "Glass") draw on the New York Times's extraordinary visual archives, a repository of millions of photographs that have largely been unseen in decades. Each film is intended to evoke a chapter in a storybook, with rhyming narration and photographs brought to life with intricate animation. The fourth chapter ("Home") comprises images submitted by the public. The interactive experience incorporates the films and, like a visual accordion, allows viewers to dig deeper into the project's themes with additional archival materials, text and miniature games.

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