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26.10.2013 Misc Tech #Internet

Share: Twitter Facebook Mail hat einen 404-Service zu ihrer Wayback Machine gebaut, ein kurzes Code-Snippet, das man in seine 404-Seite einbauen kann und das in dem Fall, in dem es eine alte Version der URL in der Wayback Machine gibt, dorthin verlinkt. Hab' ich mir grade ein gebaut, baut grade an Lösungen, um „Broken Links“ im Internet zu reparieren.

We have developed an Availability API that will let developers everywhere build tools to make the web more reliable. We have built a few tools of our own as a proof of concept, but what we really want is to allow people to take the Wayback Machine out onto the web.

Fixing broken links. We started archiving the web before Google, before Youtube, before Wikipedia, before people started to treat the Internet as the world’s encyclopedia. With all of the recent improvements to the Wayback Machine, we now have the ability to start healing the gaping holes left by dead pages on the Internet. We have started by working with a couple of large sites, and we hope to expand from there.

Free “404: File Not Found” Handler for Webmasters to Improve User Experience

Fixing Broken Links on the Internet