Gifpop: Wackelbilder-GIFs

24.10.2013 Misc #GIFs

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Schöne Idee von Rachel Binx und Sha Hwang, die sich grade Wackelbilder aus GIFs finanzieren lassen. Am Ende soll es Wackelbilder von eigenen GIFs (!) oder aber welche von den großartigen Mr.DIV, 89a und DVDP geben.

We've been working over the past several months on a way to print animated gifs onto lenticular cards. Each sheet of lenticular film has many tiny lenses, which allow us to print around ten frames of animation onto small cards. It's been around since the 1940s, but has mostly been used for children's toys. But we think that gifs and lenticular printing are two simple, lo-fi technologies that were made for each other.

We've been doing tons of test prints with different materials and different types of film, and have started working with a lenticular manufacturer that will allow us to do custom prints. We've also been building out a website where you can upload a gif, select a portion to print, and order a gif card in a variety of sizes.

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