Movie-Director trolls Pirates with his shaven Scrotum

Wie jeder anständige Pirat, weiß auch ich ein anständiges Trolling durch Rechteinhaber durchaus zu schätzen, ich erinnere mal an den GameDev-Hack oder an den Immortal Scorpion in Serious Sam 3.

Diese Story hier dürfte jetzt wohl die 4Chan-fähigste aller Copy-Protections sein: Der Regisseur des norwegischen Films „Pornopung“ („Norwegian slang for 'shaven balls')“ hat eine Version davon selbst bei Pirate Bay hochgeladen, die zunächst 10 Minuten des Films zeigten und die Piraten dann 80 Minuten mit dem Anblick seines rasierten Hodensacks erfreuten. Directors Cut, sozusagen. Passt wahrscheinlich sehr zum Niveau dieses Films um ein paar Pickup-Artists.

One of the oldest tricks in the file-sharing world is to relabel material as something else in order to annoy downloaders. While many tactics have been tried over the years the one just employed by a Norwegian movie director has to go down as the most outrageous yet. Those downloading Johan Kaos’s movie from The Pirate Bay get to see 10 minutes of the production for free, followed by an estimated one hour and twenty minutes of the director’s shaven scrotum. […]

“Hehe. I thought the movie was going to end up on The Pirate Bay sooner or later anyway, so why not be a little ahead?” Kaos told “The film clip was recorded as an impulse once I sat on the toilet. Actually, I considered filling the remaining 80 minutes by filming my butt, but then I realized how exceptionally bad it was going to be, aesthetically that is.”

So, confronted with the problem of filming something more pleasing to the eye than his own rear end, Kaos said he landed on an idea to delight file-sharers for the remaining 80 minutes of the movie. “I created a clean-shaven scrotum,” Kaos said. “A little more thematically relevant and easily more aesthetically pleasing, it seems, at least in my opinion.”

Pirate Bay Downloaders Trolled By Movie Director’s Shaven Balls

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