Fake Banksy Sells Out

 Youtube Direktfake, via AnimalNY

Sehr schöner Kommentar zum Hype um Banksys New York-Tour: Dave Cicirelli, Lance Pilgrim und George Gross haben eine Woche nach Banksys Popup-Shop im Central Park das Ding nachgebaut und verkauften dort Fake-Banksys inklusive Unechtheitszertifikat für exakt denselben Preis. Zur Erinnerung: Banksy hatte an einem ganzen Tag magere 420 Dollar gemacht. Die Jungs hier haben den kompletten Straßenladen innerhalb von einer Stunde ausverkauft und mit den 40 Artworks rund 2400 Dollar gemacht, rund das Sechsfache. Hoffentlich gehen sie mit dem Geld ordentlich feiern, haben'se sich verdient.

On October 13, the infamous street artist Banksy attempted to sell $60 canvases (worth tens-of-thousands of dollars each) to unsuspecting New Yorkers. In seven hours, he had just three customers. When news of this broke, the story took over New York. In that echo of media hype, we saw an opportunity for a little mischief, and a chance to make a statement about the nature of hype, public personas, and the value of art. […]

Same price. Same images. Same location. Everything was the same--we even got Lance's father Michael to be the salesman. Everything was identical...except for two things: The public consciousness had changed [and] Our work was completely worthless.

We were open about this. Our sign said "Fake Banksy." Mike assured every customer that it was fake. Each canvas even came with a legally notarized "Certificate of Inauthenticity," claiming that what they bought was not an original Banksy. It didn't matter. We sold everything in less than an hour. Including the price sign.


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