Giant Miniature Post-Riot-London

Über James Caughtys Riots in a Jar hatte ich vor zwei Jahren gebloggt, jetzt hat er eine neue Ausstellung am Start: The Aftermath Dislocation Principle. Dafür hat er ein riesiges Miniatur Post-Riot-London auf rund 2,5 Quadratkilometer aufgebaut, indem entweder bereits alle festgenommen wurden oder sich verstecken und lediglich die Polizei und eine verwüstete Stadt übrig sind. Toll!

Enter a miniaturized, post-apocalyptic world: frozen in time, diminished destroyed, burned, looted, abandoned, derelict, devoid of people, of all life, apart from a swell of police.

This is The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Part I, a vast 448 sq ft, 1:87 scale model (approx 1 square mile) detailing the desolate charred aftermath of what appears to have been a crazed and devastating mass riot. The rioters are no-where to be seen - maybe they've been rounded up already, maybe they are in hiding - the only visible populace are the 5,000 or so police at the scene and they appear bewildered, perplexed to the extreme. They're there with the vans, the weapons, the armour, all the paraphernalia of control and quell. But watch them peer nervously over the edge of ripped up motorways, or chunks of torn-up land mass. Regard their poses of confusion and subjugation. Stranded now, without anyone left to control, bully, kettle or arrest, they are faced with the realisation that the devastated riot zone they've secured, is the end of the world: not nigh, but now. They are adrift in a dislocated and terrifying reality, reduced to being mere spectacles of post-dystopian imaginings for an alarmist culture.


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