Fukushimas new Mascot is called: Fukuppy.

Das neue Maskottchen der Fukushima Industries heisst tatsächlich Fukuppy. Der Laden hat nicht mit dem Betreiber des Fukushima Reaktors zu tun, die stellen eigentlich Kühlschränke her. Trotzdem ist die Wahl des Namens im Hinblick auf die Geschichte der Region eher unglücklich. Hier das Posting im Guardian, wer ein paar mehr Details braucht, hier ein Snip aus dem Language Log:

The Fukushima Industries Corporation (a leading manufacturer of commercial freezer refrigerators and showcase freezers) has devised a new mascot: "Hajimemashite. Fukuppy desu." = "My name is Fukuppy. Nice to meet you."

The website where Fukuppy is introduced has the following fascinating Q & A:

Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in a Fukushima [i.e., Fukushima Industries, which explains the Roman lettering] refrigerator.
Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: I'm still an egg, so I don't know. But I call myself "boku" [implying, perhaps, a sort of jaunty "good, middle-class, urban" boyishness].
Q: What about your personality?
A: I love eating and I'm very curious. I think I'm kind and have a strong sense of justice, but everyone else says I'm a bit of a goofball. But I never forget to polish myself to keep myself shiny!
Q: What's your job? And what kind of special skills do you have?
A: I patrol refrigerators, kitchens, and supermarket display cases with these wings I'm so proud of. I can talk to veggies, fruits, meat, and fish, so I can check on their health. Another important job is produce new things to make the people of the world happy.

Fukuppy (via JWZ)