Details on Glenn Greenwalds new Thing

Press Think hat mit Pierre Omidyar gesprochen (dem Gründer von Ebay, der sich nun mit Glenn Greenwald zusammengetan hat, um eine neue News Organisation zu gründen). Hört sich für mich wie ein Bündel aus Blogs von Independent Journalisten an, in etwa wie das, was Andrew Sullivan mit seinem The Dish versucht, nur größer und breiter aufgestellt und mit einem Haufen Kohle im Rücken von einem Tech-Unternehmer. Also: „There is no print product planned. This is all-digital.“ Spannend.

At the core of Newco will be a different plan for how to build a large news organization. It resembles what I called in an earlier post “the personal franchise model” in news. You start with individual journalists who have their own reputations, deep subject matter expertise, clear points of view, an independent and outsider spirit, a dedicated online following, and their own way of working. The idea is to attract these people to NewCo, or find young journalists capable of working in this way, and then support them well.

By “support” Omidyar means many things. The first and most important is really good editors. (Omidyar used the phrase “high standards of editing” several times during our talk.) Also included: strong back end technology. Powerful publishing tools. Research assistance. And of course a strong legal team because the kind of journalism NewCo intends to practice is the kind that is capable of challenging some of the most powerful people in the world. Omidyar said NewCo will look for “independent journalists with expertise, and a voice and a following.” He suggested that putting together a team of such people means understanding how each of them does his or her work, and supporting that, rather than forcing everyone into the same structure.

Why Pierre Omidyar decided to join forces with Glenn Greenwald for a new venture in news (via Subtraction)