Re-Usable DIY-Tampons

Handgehäkelte DIY-Tampons zum waschen und wiederverwenden. „What a great way to start your efforts to 'go green'“. Yep.

I am pleased to announce I finally perfected the handmade washable tampons! I am offering them in a set of three at the present.
They are hand crocheted by me using 100% cotton thread in ercu and they are filled with a circle of natural bamboo(90%)cotton(10%) interlock fabric that is serged on the raw edge.

The bamboo fabric is higly absorbent, much more so than cotton. This construction allows for ease of separating the lining and the tampon shell for washing, boiling (if desired) and for air drying. The pull string is braided and is part of the construction so it cannot slip. Instructions for washing will be included. What a great way to start your efforts to "go green". Think of the money you will save as well!

Washable Tampons Cotton/Bamboo Set of 3 (via Dangerous Minds)