The Wire Poster Project

Ich kämpfe mich grade durch The Wire, hänge immer noch in der Mitte der ersten Staffel und will mir die jetzt unbedingt mal komplett ansehen, eine Folge nach der anderen. Bis dahin, hier das The Wire Poster Project von Oliver Munday, typographische Interpretationen der Zitate, die am Ende des Opening-Intros zu sehen sind. Der Verkauf der Prints startet ab Montag dem 1. November, die Poster zur fünften Staffel sind anscheinend noch nicht fertig.

The Wire Poster Project consists of 60 typographic posters, each one representing one of the 60 different epigrams preceding every episodes of HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The Wire. Produced by graphic artist Oliver Munday, each purchase will benefit the Baltimore Urban Debate League. Wire fans might remember the organization from the series’ fifth season when (just after being taken in by Howard “Bunny” Colvin) character Namond Brice gives an award-winning speech about HIV and AIDS in Africa in a BUDL event. Each WPP purchase will help real, at-risk kids like Namond Brice in Baltimore.

Each 18” x 24” poster is printed in high-quality digital on archival paper by A2A Graphics. Season number is indicated on the top right corner and the episode number in the bottom left of each print. All posters are designed by Oliver Munday.

The Wire Poster Project (via Subtraction)