Dear Mr. Watterson: Doc about Calvin & Hobbes

 Youtube Direktcalvin, via Unfug

Schöner Trailer zur Calvin & Hobbes-Doku Dear Mr. Watterson von Joel Allen Schroeder. Der Film kommt am 15. November als Download und ab Dezember auf DVD und BluRay.

The origin of Dear Mr. Watterson came from Schroeder wanting to understand the cultural impact of Bill Watterson’s decade-long comic strip, so he began as a series of fan interviews in December 2007.

Dear Mr. Watterson launched its first Kickstarter campaign on December 15, 2009 ending March 15, 2010. The Kickstarter raised more than 200% of the goal of $12,000. Since then they have gone on to interview Berkeley Breathed, Lee Salem, Stephan Pastis, Jef Mallett, Dave Kellett, Charles Solomon, Seth Green, Keith Knight, Jenny Robb, Tony Cochran, Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum), Joe Wos (Toonseum), Jean Schulz, Jan Eliot, Bill Amend, and more. (Wikipedia)

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