Black Ninja Burger with a Bacon Tongue

Neu von 'ner Fastfood-Kette in Japan: Black Ninja-Burger, der einem eine Bacon-Zunge ausstreckt. Mmmmmmmm, Bacon-Burger…

How does a fast food chain fashion a ninja out of a burger? First, naturally, by blackening the bun. This is achieved not by leaving the toaster on too long, but by coloring the dough with bamboo charcoal. BK’s approximation of a ninja tongue is a long slab of bacon flopping lewdly out of the burger (again, we’re baffled by the idea that long tongues are typical of ninjas.) The rest is a hash brown patty and the regular fixings, topped off with Chaliapin sauce (named after a Russian opera singer)

Quartz: Burger King Japan’s newest hamburger is a black ninja with a bacon tongue