Elaborate Cuisine made from McDonalds-Crap

McDonalds hat ein Fine-Dining-Dingsbums mit dem Fraß aus ihrer Fastfood-Kette veranstaltet. Und ich hab' jetzt echt Lust auf 'nen saftigen Burger.

About a week ago McDonald's threw a startlingly fancy party in New York City, and challenged renowned chefs to create legitimately gourmand-ish dishes by raiding their McMuffin-filled shelves and going to work. […]

The first dish came from Chef Talde. The appetizer-sized three-piece "Kung Pao" Chicken McNuggets were topped with sweet & sour sauce, rice wine vinegar, and peanuts, then artfully arranged amidst oranges and iceberg lettuce. This was definitely the most recognizably-made-from-McDonald's-food item served all night.

I attended an exclusive McDonald's tasting menu dinner & ate Kung Pao McNuggets (via Jason Kottke)