Unicode-Calligraphy-Generator: Ḧ⊛ᵯ⊘ⓖḶ⅄ⓅḢΐ˳Ⴚ₵

Homoglyphi.cc: Nette Tool-Sammlung inklusive Chrome-Extension (die bei mir nicht funktioniert), um diese Unicode-Dingse zu erzeugen, wie zum Beispiel der hier: ⓃΣꝚ►☪◉ⓇΞ. Und sowas natürlich: ▷Σ↑ΠƸ ⋔⊔ÐↁЄ☈.

Homoglyphi.cc is a simple tool for writing Unicode-calligraphy. The user can combine characters from the Astral Planes of the code structure to create alternative word-images. These can, for exemple, be pasted into typographically restrictive social media. The point of view of homoglyphi.cc is the basic character set of cloud-english.

A homoglyph is a symbol that has a similar form to another symbol. The Unicode Standard is a utopian masterplan where each archetypical symbol is given its own space in an immense skeletal structure reaching for the sky. The FAQ says: “Unicode covers all the characters for all the writing systems of the world, modern and ancient.” At the time of writing, 110,182 symbols are encoded. Many of these are homoglyphs. This offers possibilities for creative users wishing to embellish their writing.

Homoglyphi.cc (via Prostheticknowledge)