Smoking Ganja in North Korea

Anscheinend ist Marijuana komplett legal in Nord-Korea und wird dort auf Märkten verkauft. Die lokalen Touristenführer werden normalerweise angehalten, den Touristen keine Möglichkeit zum Einkauf zu geben, aber Darmon Richter hat es anscheinend geschafft, dort Pot gekauft und mitten auf dem Marktplatz einen dicken Joint durchgezogen.

We were just walking past the tobacco sellers when we spotted another stall ahead, piled high with mounds of green rather than brown plant matter. It turned out to be exactly what we first suspected: a veritable mountain of marijuana. In the name of scientific enquiry, it seemed appropriate to buy some... and the little old ladies running the stall were happy to load us up with plastic bags full of the stuff, charging us roughly £0.50 each.

As it turns out the "special plant," as they refer to it here, is completely legal. We decided to test the theory, purchasing papers from another stall before rolling up and lighting comically oversized joints right there in the middle of the crowded market. Bizarre as the situation was, it seemed a reasonably safe move - and with several hundred people already staring at us, we weren't going to feel any more paranoid than we already were.

At another stall we bought live spider crabs for our dinner, before leaving the market to continue the grand tour of Rason - with just one difference. From this point onwards, every time our group was walking on the street, sat in a park or being shown around some monument or other, there would be at least two fat joints being passed around.

On Smoking Weed in North Korea (via Kotaku)