Over 100 Some Lost Episodes of Doctor Who possibly found in Ethiopia (UPDATE: Partly confirmed.)

Die Story kommt vom Mirror und sollte dementsprechend mit Vorsicht bedacht werden, aber wenn das stimmt, ist das eine ziemliche Doctor Who-Bombe: Angeblich haben Fans der Serie die legendären 106 verlorenen Episoden der Serie in einem TV-Sender in Äthiopien gefunden – das Gerücht zirkuliert allerdings wohl schon länger, was zweierlei bedeuten kann: Es stimmt, oder da hat einer einfach nur ein Gerücht an die Boulevard-Presse verkauft. Ich tippe auf letzteres. Make of that what you will.

A group of dedicated Doctor Who fans tracked down at least 100 long-lost episodes of the show gathering dust more than 3,000 miles away in Ethiopia.

It was feared the BBC ­programmes from the 1960s – featuring the first two doctors William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton – had vanished for all time after the Beeb flogged off a load of old footage. But after months of ­detective work the tapes have been unearthed at the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency.

A television insider said: “It is a triumph and fans ­everywhere will be thrilled. “This is a really big deal for the BBC and is set to make them millions from the sale of the DVDs.” If the tapes are returned in time the BBC hopes to announce the news during ­celebrations to mark Doctor Who’s 50th ­anniversary next month.

Over 100 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found by dedicated fans - in Ethiopia (via /.)

[update] Dr.Who Online confirms at least two found Episodes, maybe more. From their Tweeties: „There is definitely some misinformation with the #DoctorWho Missing Episode rumours in todays @DailyMirror. We will finally break our silence on subject by saying missing episodes HAVE been found and some official news will be released within the next month! #Yay! Can't say anything further, but it seems various outlets are reporting this now. As far as we've been told, it's not as many as 100.“